Modified fracture energy method for fibre reinforced concrete (2013)
12 September 2013

Modified fracture energy method for fibre reinforced concrete (2013)

Fibre Concrete 2013: Technology, Design, Application (FC2013) Prague, Czech Republic: 2013.09.12 – 2013.09.13

Fibre manufacturers specify different parameters for measuring the performance of their fibres, e.g. Re3 number or σ-ε diagram. However, these parameters depend largely on the strength class of the concrete; most specifically on the fracture energy, which is in itself a variable from cement manufacturer to manufacturer, even within the same class. It follows therefore that any fibre performance parameters as specified by the manufacturer’s laboratory may vary significantly for the same concrete class in the user’s laboratory. The ideal would be to find a performance parameter that is fibre specific and at least partially independent of the concrete, which could then be used for characterizing and comparing the various fibre types. In this paper I present a fibre added energy that could be used to characterize the fibres in this way.

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