Numerical modelling of a precast fibre reinforced concrete track slab (2017)
31 August 2017

Numerical modelling of a precast fibre reinforced concrete track slab (2017)

Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering: Innovative Materials and Technologies for Concrete Structures (CCC2017) Tokaj, Hungary: 2017.08.31 – 2017.09.01

In this article a macro synthetic fibre reinforced precast concrete trackslab’s design process will be presented. The analysis was done with using an advanced finite element software called ATENA (Cervenka et al 2013). Beside the static loads, the precast slab was also checked for dynamic and fatigue loads. The structure was verify for early ages, for demoulding, rotating, lifting and for transport as well. With the analysis a necessary fibre dosage was determined. After the design AECOM prepared a real scale test for two full slab. During the test the displacements were measured on different places with using Geophones. Finite element model of the test was made with all the details of the real scale test. The results from the tests and from the finite element models were close to each other in every checked case.

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