CO2–optimization design of a concrete slab structure (2022)
14 September 2022

CO2–optimization design of a concrete slab structure (2022)

13th Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering: Next Generation of Concrete Engineering for Post-Pandemic Europe

This paper introduces an optimization of a traditional reinforced concrete slab. During the optimization the flat slab was converted into ribbed slab to reduce the net weight. Instead of the traditional steel stirrups synthetic macro fibres were used as shear reinforcement. Using these materials, the CO2 emissions are much lower than with traditional steel reinforcement, because of their production, shipping and labour work have less environmental loads. In addition to the traditional analytic calculation, the structure has been optimized using advanced finite element analysis, which provides more opportunities for optimization. The developed structure is functionally equivalent to the traditional slab, however, generates significantly less CO2 emissions.

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