Acél- és szintetikus makro szálak orientációja szálerősítésű betonban (2020)
01 April 2020

Acél- és szintetikus makro szálak orientációja szálerősítésű betonban (2020)

Vasbetonépítés 2020/2 DOI: 10.32969/VB.2020.2.3

Fibre reinforced concrete is a short fibre composite material, with properties significantly dependent on the orientation of the mixed fibres. As a starting point the fibres are assumed to be uniformly distributed and have a uniform orientation, but in reality a non-uniform distribution occurs due to various effects. Deviation from the uniform orientation could have a significant effect on the material parameters, both favourable and unfavourable. In this paper the mixing models of the literature are compared to test results, and the effects of the formwork, the casting and compaction methods on the orientation of steel and synthetic macro fibres are investigated.

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