Location London, England Project name Precast tramline Project type Tramline

PreCast Advanced Track’s (PCAT) unique 100 per cent macro synthetic fibre reinforced precast concrete slab structure is set to revolutionise the construction and repair of the world’s railways. PCAT’s innovative lightweight slab structure represents a world first for precast track slabs as it is manufactured entirely from macro synthetic fibre reinforced concrete without steel reinforcement being required. This ensures that if the concrete cracks there is no steel to corrode providing a long life structure, as fibres continue right to the edge of the structure and so enhances durability and resistance to accidental damage. It also reduces maintenance, material costs and the fibre reinforcement is safer to handle than steel during manufacture. The PCAT slab design is based on a channel beam upper profile which provides a high modulus slab structure which maximising the slab’s strength and minimises the stiffness needed for the track foundation. This allows PCAT tracks to be constructed quicker than conventional track.

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