Synthetic macro fiber reinforced concrete manhole design
22 November 2023

Synthetic macro fiber reinforced concrete manhole design

Underground telecommunication utilities (manholes) are widely used in Hungary to connect and extend ground cables near railway stations. Numerous manholes were designed during the Budapest–Belgrad railway project, in which a modernized design was required for economic and ecological reasons.

In some structures, the replacement of reinforced steel with synthetic macrofibers is a potential solution. The main advantage of synthetic macrofibers over steel is their complete corrosion resistance, which is essential in corrosive environments. Other advantages include their low carbon footprint, reduced construction time, and cost-effectiveness.

The main advantages of synthetic fiber-reinforced structures can be summarized as follows:

  • They have sufficient load-bearing capacity and high ductility.
  • As in-ground structures, they are significantly more resistant to corrosion than reinforced structures.
  • Sustainability analyses show that they have a lower CO2 footprint than conventional reinforced structures.
  • From an economic perspective, the structure requires less labor for production, and the construction process is faster.

Please see this video about this synthetic FRC manhole!

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