Fiber Reinforced Concrete solutions

Our company has been working with synthetic fibre reinforced concrete for almost a decade. We seek to cover this part of the industry entirely with our Finite Element Analysis and Laboratory Research. The founder of our company, Dr Peter Karoly Juhasz, prepared his PhD thesis on fibre reinforced concretes. The publications and research materials related to his thesis have been frequently utilised.

In recent years, we have participated in the Eurostars programme, which is funded by the European Union, wherein we developed a material model of fibre reinforced concrete together with our Czech partner Cervenka Consulting. This material model based on fracture energy modification has been implemented in ATENA, which is one of the most widely used finite element software programs.

Our company has recently been represented as a designer or consultant in several major international projects, e.g. tunnels, tramlines and industrial floors. Several foreign engineering offices have accepted our calculations.

In the field of research, our company has been represented in several international research groups. We are regular participants in conferences and training courses, but we have also been involved in preparing projects and blind competition on numerical simulation.

Our company has been involved in the development of science and, to this end, we routinely publish the methods and research results we have developed.