JKP Static Ltd. specialises in the design, laboratory testing and research of concrete and steel materials and structures.

DESIGN: design, modelling & optimisation of structures with 3D finite element analysis software. Atena software uses inputs based on post-crack fracture energy, making it the most suitable for the calculation of fibre reinforced concretes. We are also able to calculate with static and dynamic loads, realize structural fire design analysis and model the effects of shrinkage, creep and fatigue on concrete.
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JKP Static - Design

JKP Static - Laboratory

LABORATORY: materials and structures testing in the Laboratory of Strength and Materials (BME). Standard tests for concrete (cube and cylinder compression strength, flexural strength beam tests) and steel (tension, debonding tests), full size testing for static and dynamic loads (up to 8 m beam bending test, shaking table test), cyclic loads (fatigue tests). On-site and laboratory tests.

RESEARCH: Using the results of the laboratory tests, we make numerical material models, and design methods which are used for the better optimisation of our final proposals. The results are documented in articles and on our website. Main research areas: fibre reinforced concretes, industrial floor design, segmental and shotcrete tunnel design.
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JKP Static - Research